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Star wars: Jedi Knigh Jedi Academy

To enable Jedi Academy cheats, while playing a game, bring down the console with
[Shift]+[~] and type: "devmapall". You can then enter any of the following codes
in the console.

cheat code: Results:
god God mode
noclip No clipping mode
notarget Enemies ignore you
kill Kill yourself
give all All weapons and health/armor at max
give health Health at 100%
give armor Armor at 100%
give ammo Ammo at 100%
npc kill all Kill all non-player characters
shaderlist Show shaders
undying Dead mode
quit Quit game
shaderlist Show shaders
devmap Load map with cheats on
map saberColor 1, 2, 3, 4,5 etc
timescale # # can be .5 for 1/2 speed, normal 1 or 2x speed
at 2, etc
levelshot screen shot without console
where Warp
force_heal use force heal
taunt kyle taunts (map to a key if you want)
victory End level
fly_xwing Fly an X-Wing
drive_atst Ride an ATST
screenshot Screenshot
thereisnospoon bullet time
map pit go to pit level
npc spawn Spawn character from list below

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